GS Register at

The Sorebutt Rally 2015

The GS Register was invited to the Western Section Sorebutt Rally

The long weekend at Berrynarbor was a great success on the weekend of Friday 18th to Sunday 20th September.  This was due in large part to Paul Rodriguez and his wife Jenny, assisted by a number of the Western Section members who ran the Western Section Sorebutt Rally and hosted the GS Register and the Sidecar and Trike Register at their event.

For those confused by the Sorebutt name Paul is the author of the Sorebutt Cartoons regularly seen in The Journal.  It seems only right that his camping event should inherit the name!

The secret Thursday start to the event caught a number of people out who had believed the standard press releases and came on Friday!  

Keith Thomas (Secretary of the Sidecar & Trike Register) was one of those “in the know” who decided to travel Thursday taking advantage of the unexpectedly good weather.  Having got onto the motorway without his front brake seizing up (happened on the way to the last event) he was all set for an uneventful run down to Berrynarbor when his sidecar wheel came off while travelling in the middle lane; leaving him on the road while the outfit crossed the slow lane and parked itself on the hard shoulder.  Thankfully he was ok and having repatriated the remains of his outfit he set out again on the Friday morning in his car.

It  had been decided to give a collectable to each GS Register member who attended and for this event the collectable was a GS Register key ring.  These proved to be quite popular as I was pursued by people saying I had missed giving them a key ring.

On Thursday four GS riders Mars Bruggen, Kees Dankers, Johan Jansen and Rob Davelaar all members of The BMW Club Oirschot & Omstreken in the Netherlands arrived.  They came to attend the Western Section Sorebutt Rally, as members of the Western section had previously attended their Club’s events near Oirschot.  Having seen the Sorebutt Rally advertised they had incorporated it into a tour in the UK.  Their presence certainly added to the event and we hope to see them again in the future.

Copies of the Weekend Quiz were available for all to take in the refreshment area.  It was immediately apparent that Paul did not want anyone thinking it was going to be easy.  The best minds and memories had plenty to work on when not doing something active.

Jenny obviously did not want anyone collapsing of starvation as free coffee, tea and a continuous impressive selection of various cakes were always available 24 hours a day.


On Friday there was a Fish and Chip supper arranged which everyone joined in with.  Later a number of GS aficionados and like minded folk retired to the nearby Sawmill Inn to watch the Rugby (and drink beer!!!!).

In the middle of Friday night the SBW Motorrad Team, Simon Newton (Marketing) and Wojtek Galach (Senior Technician) arrived.  Not only had they brought their latest GS Sidecar pulled by a 2015 water cooled GS Adventure but they had brought a second fabulous outfit pulled by a jet black R Nine T.  This looked like it was moving rapidly when it was standing still.  Excellent work Keith Thomas for organising this on behalf of the Sidecar Register, who also had a number of their members in attendance.

Saturday Bob Denman and friends arrived from deepest Surrey.  Hardened travellers to a man, they opted for the Pods you could hire on the campsite.

Also Steve Willis and his son Sam from South West section arrived to camp with us (in a proper tent!).

On Saturday at 10.30 am we had an 80 plus mile ride out led by Dave and Anita Holland.  We were joined by a local member Helen Beer riding a 650 GS.  A mid-morning halt was at a narrow gauge railway Café for coffee and a cake.  Lunch was in a great café next to a ford which we then found out was the start of the afternoon route.

Late Saturday afternoon the BBQ happened and most of us probably ate too much of the great food.  Then Paul gave out the Weekend Quiz answers and results – and who should win it but Keith Thomas!!  

After this we had the presentation of GS Register awards.  The Furthest Travelled Award was won by Johan from Valkenswaard in the Netherlands, the Best Prepared Bike Award was won by Adrian Stone, Western Section and the Senior Veteran Award was won by Richard Taverner from Sussex.  Congratulations to all three.

Keith Thomas received The GS Challenge Second Quarter Award for best Sidecar and Trike.  He then did an impromptu turn modelling the jacket he had worn for his OFF on the Thursday.  The damage to it was stark proof of the old adage “Wear all the gear all the Time” as it had saved him from any injury apart from a strained right wrist.

Keith then presented the Sidecar Register Awards.

For the rest of Saturday evening many GS persons and the SBW Motorrad team et al took the short walk to the Sawmill Inn.  

Sunday morning the sun came out and the SBW Team were under pressure as people gave them a number of questions to answer about the two fabulous outfits they had brought for us to see.  Some lucky people got to try out the sidecar and were given rapid transport around the surrounding area.  Steve’s son Sam had a go being passenger and when asked did he want the slow or fast ride his dad said SLOW.  When Sam got back the smile on his face made me think he might have received the FAST ride.  

Many thanks to Simon and Wojtek for taking the time to do this.