Q Do I have to enter before I start taking photos and submitting them?  


Q Can I send all my photos at the end instead of sending them in each month?

A   NO  Your pictures must be sent during each month.  You have until the tenth of the following month to send them in.

Q I own a Trike.  Can I use it for this competition?

A YES  When you fill in your Entry Form tick the Sidecar/Trike Box and make sure to put the Trike or Three Wheeler’s details on the form.

Q What if there are road works and I can't get to The Challenge Point by any route?

 A Make a note where the road works/blockage is.

Take your photo at the nearest signpost, hotel or recognisable feature to The Challenge Point.  Send the details with your photo when you submit it.  We will check to confirm the roadworks/blockage, then credit you with the visit.

Q I wish to enter the Pillion/Sidecar passenger award with my partner/friend.  I do not want to go on every trip with him/her.  Can I do this?

A YES  Pillion and Sidecar/Trike passengers will only be accredited with visiting those points where they are in the photo.

Q Can I enter two Solo teams and two Sidecar/Trike teams?

A NO  Each entrant may only enter and be a member of two teams.

Q We wish to visit a number of Challenge Points as Ride Outs.  Is this ok?

A YES  Ride Outs are a good idea for making The Challenge a more sociable event.  

If you have friends wanting to do this you may ride in a group.

Q   I am entering The Irish Photo Rally.  I realise the Irish Challenge Points are the same as those for The Irish Photo Rally.  How will this work?

A It's very easy.  All the Challenge Points in Ireland and Ulster are the same as The Irish Photo Rally.  Ride to The Challenge Point and take a photo which meets our requirements.  Then take a second photo which meets the different requirements of The Irish Photo Rally.  

Make sure you submit the photos for the relevant competition!

REMEMBER We require your photos each month.

The Irish Photo Rally require your photos at the end of their event in November.

Q   My bike is a rebuild.  It started life as a R80G/S registered in 1981.  I rebuilt it as an R80G/S-PD "Paris-Dakar" bike but fitted it with the 1987 980 cc R100GS engine and the larger tank.  I have retained the combined rear suspension and drive swing arm called a Monolever.  Can I ride this bike in The Challenge?

A YES  You should put its details on the Entry Form as the original type i.e. R80GS with the  date of the bike’s current registration number.

Q   I intend to enter The Challenge to raise money by sponsorship for charity.  Do you foresee any problems with this arrangement?

A NO  PROBLEM  Often Sponsors wish to see confirmation from the organisers before paying up.  Especially if significant amounts are involved.  Make sure your sponsors are sponsoring you on the number of Challenge Points visited as this is all we can confirm.

Q   We are four friends.  Three of us have bikes but I do not.  I want to enter the Pillion Award.  Can I ride with more than one person and have all my visits accepted?

A YES  A pillion may ride with any number of Entrants.  You must make it clear when you enter which entrants you will be pillion for.  You must put your details on one of the entrant’s entry forms and pay the entry fee once.  You will need to enclose a note with the entry form saying exactly who else you will be pillion for and enclose a photograph of yourself in riding gear to aid recognition.  

Q   How does the Team award work?

A Three individuals first enter the event.  

Then the three Entrants submit a single Team Entry Form and give the team a name.

The three individual Entrants' performances are added together and the Team with the most Challenge Points visited wins.  

An Example :- Patrick Smith, Indira Kapoor and Geraint McDonald each enter the Challenge.  They decide to also enter as a Team which they call "The Bermuda Triangle".

Patrick visits 8 Challenge Points, Indira visits 12 and Geraint visits 20.  

Their Team Score is 8+12+20 = 40 Challenge Points

If no other Team has a score higher than 40 then Team "The Bermuda Triangle" wins the Team Award.

Q   If I enter as part of a Team do I have to pay my own Entry Fee and an Entry Fee for the Team?

A NO  Each person has to submit an Entry Form and pay an Entry Fee.  

The three Entrants fill in one Team Entry Form and they share the cost of the Team Entry.

Q   I have entered as a Solo Rider in March and in July my two friends asked me to be in a Team with them.  Can I do that or do I have to wait until next year?

A YES. You can enter a Team at any time of the year.  There are Quarterly Awards and Annual Awards.  The Challenge Points you visit from the month your Team entry is accepted will be used when working out the Team performance.  Challenge Points previously visited by the three Entrants (before the Team Entry is accepted) will not go towards the Team total of Challenge Points visited.  Get your Team Entry in as soon as possible.